Saturday, December 17, 2011

The way reality works v.02

Time is our intuition that total interactions are always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new.

The way reality works is to prioritize inclinations.
For some reason, an object is travelling to the north of the earth and is within the earth's field of gravity. So in my theory this roughly what happens to a particle of the object:
1. First, inclination to go to the north got prioritized
2. Second, inclination to connet with other materials got prioritized
3. Third, inclination to connect with other materials got prioritized
4. Fourth, inclination to connect with other materials got prioritized.
5. Fifth, inclination to go to the north
6. Sixth, gravity again
7. Seventh, gravity again
8. And so on...

So if you apply a force or slap the thing towards the ground...

1. Inclination to go down & Gravity
2. Inclination to go down & Gravity
3. Inclination to go to the north
4. Inclination to go down & Gravity
5. INclination to go down & Gravity
6. Inclination to go down & Gravity
7. Inclination to go to the north
And so on..

So slapping objects towards the ground is in align with gravity's inclination, so they got prioritized more often.
When it reached the ground... it would be in the field of many other inclinations, and some inclinations don't get to be prioritized in a long-long time...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My generalization on how to keep life progressing and exciting v.05

Entropy doesn't always increase, it varies randomly as the form of the reality keeps on changing.
(Time exist due to irreversibility, our intuition of time is about total interactions always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new).

Instead, entropy always happens.

The only way to stop entropy is for everybody to participate in creating and practicing a universal system that could 100% accurately predicted, what where how and when entropies will happen, how to null it, and do so everytime.

Therefore for now, in order to keep on being alive, excited, and progressing the attitude could be:

1. Identify relevant Level of entropy
2. Create a system to bring it down
3. The system itself will experience entropy, so after sometime Identify relevant level of entropy again
4. Create new system to tackle it
5. Identify again
6. Create again

And so on...

The solutions to entropies, also should be random. It doesn't have to be more and more complex to be able to tackle problems all the time. Sometimes the simplest things could work better.
Now I think that one day this world will end. But just like characters in a simulation, God will activate new simulations and then make new individuals with our memories and our inclinations, through Jesus.
So since God missed Jesus He made real a new world independent from this. In this new property, new body, Jesus prepared for us spaces. He will remember us, and he will keep on interacting with us because without his disciplies He is not complete (its His choice to be like that). And therefore His disciples will stay alive (us).

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stop believing that evil is the way to do things v.04

Some may believe that making others less able and less wanting to help others will improve their access to love and will support his/her survival.

The main spirit that's supported by this is the inclination to stop interactions from happening in reality.

The spirit has no intention to help people, it just support whoever don't support love. Administrations that's designed to make others less able and less wanting to support each other will get support from tendencies or inclinations that don't support the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever, and the inclination to incline.

Inclinations are initiators of interactions... they are alive and without them we'd interact not. But inclinations don't necessarily have to be adopted by people to be practiced... the universe works out of inclinations even before men.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surpression of Tendencies

Please read my other post about tendencies:

I believe that spirits are tendencies, life is the ability to initiate interactions...  therefore tendecies are alive.

Now, the fact that we have administrations to support our life also mean that there are tendencies out there that are unsupportive of us, currently being repressed by the administrations.

Before starting on doing anything, its imperative that we able to identify those tendencies first, in order not to damage administrations that are working right now to surpress these tendencies.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Priority Balance Theory

Occassional energy forms, those that's only available for once in a while... like potential energies from storms, massive waves, vulcanic erruptions, oils, are to be used to make a more permanent changes.

Renewable energies, or sustainable forms, are to be used for maintenance.

So I think if you use oil for driving, its not sustainable, since generally driving is always necessary while oil is not always available. Oil is to be used for a project, maybe as a fuel for transporting soils for land reclamation.

How stupid people could be evil

Nothing's free, thats the good rule. Global warming is due to consuming nature without maintaining back.

Becareful when doing charity, we don't want to spread a message to our community, that those who don't do anything to help other people could get help.

Poor people they seems not deserving help, but helping them would spread the message to the community to keep help available for those who are in difficult times. Everyone could be in difficult times, so in helping poor people we are maintaining ourselves.

But if you give money to those who are not poor and not doing anything to contribute to the improvement of ability and desire to help people, the message you're going to spread is that help could be got without having to do any maintenance in return. That's evil.

More reasons why charity is better than bribes v.02

If you do charity, the money will go to providers of essentialities... food housing clothings... and will likely contribute to the improvements of availabilities of those things.

If you do bribes, the possibility for it to contributes not for your accesses to solutions are higher. People who accept bribes could have needs for non essential solutions / delusional needs. They would spend it for something that's not contributive to everybody's ability and desire to help other people... something inappropriate to be prioritized, expensive clothes when people they're trying to impress couldn't appreciate the art properly, expensive cars when nobody in their community really cares about machines, gold when its going down, gambling when theres nothing to laugh about anymore, drugs when they're not sick, massage machines when already had 3 different ones and were not a collector.,,

Humans are sources of solutions, humans are sources of laws for humans in reality, human lives should be prioritized, human lives don't wait.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laziness V.02

Our intuition of time is that total interactions are always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new.

Our reluctance or inexitement of doing a routine came from this intuition of time. We consider doing what we do won't contribute as effective or as much as before. Subconsciously in my opinion, we want to do the same level of effectiveness as before or more, we don't want to do less.

This is similar to the idea of entropy.

So the way to tackle laziness, if we have to do what we have to do is to experience something else, something inspiring. That experience would then hopefully could contribute to the creation of new nexus, new perception of our routine, on how to do the routine now in respective of the new experience.

The new nexus hopefully would be able to reveal what illusions were surpressing our excitements before. Usually these kinds of illusions are about how you are incapable of making any difference.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My own way of doing the law

We live in the world of laws, mutual relationship or lovely relationship is what matters because they facilitates interactions after interactions forever.
Those that are not are going to be ruled out or not used.

Life is all about supporting love, transporting laws, applying laws, the way can't be done without life. Therefore we always want to pass on our laws, our personality, our ways, for the world.

Doing the law seems to defy this nature, as we work to pass others' laws not ours... but this is not true, instead our own laws would not be possible without we observed learned and adopting laws before us.

But why is it that there were sense of satisfaction when breaking the law? That's because we feel like we've been applying our own original ways to the world. But the problem is, this is unsupportive of love so the feeling was false, and based lies we've believed before.

So how do we satisfy our nature? By finding our own way of supporting love. Making our own administration, our own solutions to help us and other people to become part of the solutions. Yes, the law is quite hard to obey due to its hefty, bulky texts, but thats our opportunity to get in. By making solutions to facilitate the law's ease of use, reliability, and lovely manifestation... I hope we'd be a part of love, we'd be appropriately satisfied.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Terlena v.05

Kenapa manusia kadang bersemangat kadang tidak? Kenapa orang kadang terinspirasi kadang tidak? Pada saat kita berada dalam bahaya kita bisa lebih kreatif, tapi kenapa pada saat keadaan baik-baik saja bisa lebih sulit menemukan tujuan?

Teori saya bahwa keadaan default / biasa setiap orang adalah terinspirasi. Kalau pada saat "baik-baik" saja kita malah lebih tidak terinspirasi, berarti kita sedang tertipu, atau sedang berada dalam pengaruh buatan. Begitu bahaya ada di depan mata, kita menyadari kenyataan, dan kemudian kita kembali terinspirasi seperti semula.

Kita harus selalu berusaha mengidentifikasi dari mana dan apa pengaruh buatan yang sedang diterapkan pada kita, kita harus dapat menghentikannya. Saya tidak bermaksud bahwa kalau kita sedang berbuat jahat dan merasa excited posisi kita lebih baik... hal itu cuma berarti bahwa kita berlangkah-langkah mundur dalam menghadapi pengaruh-pengaruh yang harus dihadapi saat berusaha untuk memampukan dan memaukan semua orang untuk menolong semua orang. 

Saya bermaksud agar kita bertahan, pada kenyataan kita ada di dalam satu kenyataan, bersama-sama. Membuat semua orang semakin mampu dan mau untuk menolong semua orang adalah posisi yang paling lovely. Kalau inspirasi kita mandek saat berusaha untuk dapat menolong orang, itu adalah kesempatan untuk membuka pengetahuan akan kebohongan yang tak sengaja sudah kita percayai.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some of my theories hopefully they are more easy to read. v.03

Time exist due to irreversibility of all interactions. Our intuition of time is that total interactions is always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new.

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever

Money is a guarantee that the holder has helped and hasn't been helped yet to a certain degree.
Our scarcity is not of time nor energy but of solutions, therefore the scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy but of mutual solutions.

Solutions = Administration = Set of Order = Way of solving problems

Automatically, because of time, level of relevance of administrations to enable people to love and to keep on experiencing interactions forever, fluctuates... and because of time there's always new solutions to be found.
Interactions took place because there are order/laws that regulate how elements of interactions will position themselves. Interactions are creation of new laws.

The Law within love is to not interact in a way/ways that will not lead to interactions after interactions forever.

Personality is a set of laws, an administration that contains set of administrations to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

An Identity is a set of memory. Including memories of personalities.

Life is administration that's meant to adopt personalities already made in the universe. To transport those laws and attach them in other places and by doing so exercise interactions after interactions... Again, to love.

Informations are one type of elements of interactions.

Lies are non mutual informations, or deadly viruses, that flaws administrations against love.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Who to support? v.02

Support or solutions are something that's better, in my opinion to be allocated to those who empower people, that improve others' willingness or desire and ability to help all people.
Opposite to those who disempower all people for the sake of temporary leverage for him/herself.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Volunteer Labels v.04

There are certain jobs that are not supposed to be a career, instead they supposed to be labelled as volunteer work:

1. Army -> As much as wars could be complex, we don't want them to be treated as sources of income because they are not, on the opposite, wars wildly destroy life solutions. We want less and less need of the army, not more.

2. Low level labors -> we want to increase welfare and education so all these works could be done as part time activities instead as a career.

These are the career that's supposed to be nurtured instead:

1. Athletes -> With their high discipline, skills, and vitality, when trained for sports that's compatible with army works as well as entertaining for the people... anytime they could volunteer as elite armies.
2. Historians -> They keep the history of wars

3. Diplomats

4. Educational Game Developers -> In them we learn more easily about the history of wars and the mechanism of industrial works

5. Engineers -> To innovate new machines.

6. Managers -> So that full time workers in another fields could have time in their life to do part time jobs, and/or go to school as well.

- Ofcourse before this to apply, the danger of war needs to be totally eliminated, to be made really really unnecessary and unadvantageful for everybody, short term, medium term, long term.

And to make that happen, let's support the law that empowers all people. Love

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Matematika Indonesia: Sama Dengan

Lambang ini: = lebih cocok digeneralisasi sebagai "sebanding dengan" daripada "sama dengan".

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Administrations that might make people able to keep on growing

So at work, you'd became expert on something after you've done it over and over again. But when the job offers no new kind of problem to you, you'd be bored because it contradicts with your sense of time... that total interactions always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new. You want to update yourself because you love yourself, you want to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

So if you could explore your weaknesses, the things that made you could not do certain other jobs, and make those your strength, that enables you to do certain other jobs... you'd feel updated.

Educating new workers to do what you do over and over again is good, and you could do the work that makes you feel good. Whenever there's complex situation, the newbies could always ask you to lead them. And you also could always ask your senior in your new field to help you.

The administration that made this possible would be the evergoing education which reduce boredom, and so improve excitement over work, self improvements, individual sustainability, and therefore would likely lead to increase in effectiveness and sustainability for the company.

Elements of Love supports each other

People are providers of solutions, but are the solutions supports other solutions in reality?
This is the problem we are all facing, but my faith is, all the solutions that supports love will support other solutions that's lovely. Probably not automatically but the administration to get there is going to be available when it's relevant.

Elements of Racism

Racism exist due to:

- Each race has their own style of solving problems,
- Habit or Politics that do not reward the sources or the creators of solutions
- Habit or Politics that don't prioritize providers of mutual solutions over another human being of economical benefits.

To end racism:

- Have a culture that rewards to creators of mutual solutions
- Have a culture that prioritize sources of mutual solutions
- Share your culture's solutions
- Learn other race's solutions
- Mix them together to make the most relevant solutions
- Prioritize those who create the solutions first then those who participate in the solutions, then others or the rest, for the sake of charity or investments for the future.
- Don't disrespect elements of solutions that are not used, they might have their turn of relevance in the future.

And so:
- Have fun making fun of other race's features, we all have eyes, nose, ears, etc... why deny what we sense?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Entropies in our mind

What lies had prevented us from knowing:

The movement of the world, the changes, are all in purpose of supporting each other. The reason why some might feel that the world is moving towards higher entropies (the state where one elements became insupportive of each other) is because they won't identify the new state of interactions as part of another system, that's not existing system that they've learned.

Systems in the world keep on changing due to interactions, but just because everything's different, doesn't mean that they are not in support of each other. The universe is still in support of one of another, maybe not in kinetic, or physical system anymore, but through other forms of support, like internet, words, signals, communications, meaning, information.

The exciting part of life, must be to realize the system in front of us, how are they connected with each other, how have they, and how will they.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Privacy Policy of This blog v.05

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