Sunday, July 24, 2011

Volunteer Labels v.04

There are certain jobs that are not supposed to be a career, instead they supposed to be labelled as volunteer work:

1. Army -> As much as wars could be complex, we don't want them to be treated as sources of income because they are not, on the opposite, wars wildly destroy life solutions. We want less and less need of the army, not more.

2. Low level labors -> we want to increase welfare and education so all these works could be done as part time activities instead as a career.

These are the career that's supposed to be nurtured instead:

1. Athletes -> With their high discipline, skills, and vitality, when trained for sports that's compatible with army works as well as entertaining for the people... anytime they could volunteer as elite armies.
2. Historians -> They keep the history of wars

3. Diplomats

4. Educational Game Developers -> In them we learn more easily about the history of wars and the mechanism of industrial works

5. Engineers -> To innovate new machines.

6. Managers -> So that full time workers in another fields could have time in their life to do part time jobs, and/or go to school as well.

- Ofcourse before this to apply, the danger of war needs to be totally eliminated, to be made really really unnecessary and unadvantageful for everybody, short term, medium term, long term.

And to make that happen, let's support the law that empowers all people. Love

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Matematika Indonesia: Sama Dengan

Lambang ini: = lebih cocok digeneralisasi sebagai "sebanding dengan" daripada "sama dengan".

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Administrations that might make people able to keep on growing

So at work, you'd became expert on something after you've done it over and over again. But when the job offers no new kind of problem to you, you'd be bored because it contradicts with your sense of time... that total interactions always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new. You want to update yourself because you love yourself, you want to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

So if you could explore your weaknesses, the things that made you could not do certain other jobs, and make those your strength, that enables you to do certain other jobs... you'd feel updated.

Educating new workers to do what you do over and over again is good, and you could do the work that makes you feel good. Whenever there's complex situation, the newbies could always ask you to lead them. And you also could always ask your senior in your new field to help you.

The administration that made this possible would be the evergoing education which reduce boredom, and so improve excitement over work, self improvements, individual sustainability, and therefore would likely lead to increase in effectiveness and sustainability for the company.

Elements of Love supports each other

People are providers of solutions, but are the solutions supports other solutions in reality?
This is the problem we are all facing, but my faith is, all the solutions that supports love will support other solutions that's lovely. Probably not automatically but the administration to get there is going to be available when it's relevant.

Elements of Racism

Racism exist due to:

- Each race has their own style of solving problems,
- Habit or Politics that do not reward the sources or the creators of solutions
- Habit or Politics that don't prioritize providers of mutual solutions over another human being of economical benefits.

To end racism:

- Have a culture that rewards to creators of mutual solutions
- Have a culture that prioritize sources of mutual solutions
- Share your culture's solutions
- Learn other race's solutions
- Mix them together to make the most relevant solutions
- Prioritize those who create the solutions first then those who participate in the solutions, then others or the rest, for the sake of charity or investments for the future.
- Don't disrespect elements of solutions that are not used, they might have their turn of relevance in the future.

And so:
- Have fun making fun of other race's features, we all have eyes, nose, ears, etc... why deny what we sense?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Entropies in our mind

What lies had prevented us from knowing:

The movement of the world, the changes, are all in purpose of supporting each other. The reason why some might feel that the world is moving towards higher entropies (the state where one elements became insupportive of each other) is because they won't identify the new state of interactions as part of another system, that's not existing system that they've learned.

Systems in the world keep on changing due to interactions, but just because everything's different, doesn't mean that they are not in support of each other. The universe is still in support of one of another, maybe not in kinetic, or physical system anymore, but through other forms of support, like internet, words, signals, communications, meaning, information.

The exciting part of life, must be to realize the system in front of us, how are they connected with each other, how have they, and how will they.