Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Entropies in our mind

What lies had prevented us from knowing:

The movement of the world, the changes, are all in purpose of supporting each other. The reason why some might feel that the world is moving towards higher entropies (the state where one elements became insupportive of each other) is because they won't identify the new state of interactions as part of another system, that's not existing system that they've learned.

Systems in the world keep on changing due to interactions, but just because everything's different, doesn't mean that they are not in support of each other. The universe is still in support of one of another, maybe not in kinetic, or physical system anymore, but through other forms of support, like internet, words, signals, communications, meaning, information.

The exciting part of life, must be to realize the system in front of us, how are they connected with each other, how have they, and how will they.

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