Sunday, July 24, 2011

Volunteer Labels v.04

There are certain jobs that are not supposed to be a career, instead they supposed to be labelled as volunteer work:

1. Army -> As much as wars could be complex, we don't want them to be treated as sources of income because they are not, on the opposite, wars wildly destroy life solutions. We want less and less need of the army, not more.

2. Low level labors -> we want to increase welfare and education so all these works could be done as part time activities instead as a career.

These are the career that's supposed to be nurtured instead:

1. Athletes -> With their high discipline, skills, and vitality, when trained for sports that's compatible with army works as well as entertaining for the people... anytime they could volunteer as elite armies.
2. Historians -> They keep the history of wars

3. Diplomats

4. Educational Game Developers -> In them we learn more easily about the history of wars and the mechanism of industrial works

5. Engineers -> To innovate new machines.

6. Managers -> So that full time workers in another fields could have time in their life to do part time jobs, and/or go to school as well.

- Ofcourse before this to apply, the danger of war needs to be totally eliminated, to be made really really unnecessary and unadvantageful for everybody, short term, medium term, long term.

And to make that happen, let's support the law that empowers all people. Love

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