Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Administrations that might make people able to keep on growing

So at work, you'd became expert on something after you've done it over and over again. But when the job offers no new kind of problem to you, you'd be bored because it contradicts with your sense of time... that total interactions always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new. You want to update yourself because you love yourself, you want to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

So if you could explore your weaknesses, the things that made you could not do certain other jobs, and make those your strength, that enables you to do certain other jobs... you'd feel updated.

Educating new workers to do what you do over and over again is good, and you could do the work that makes you feel good. Whenever there's complex situation, the newbies could always ask you to lead them. And you also could always ask your senior in your new field to help you.

The administration that made this possible would be the evergoing education which reduce boredom, and so improve excitement over work, self improvements, individual sustainability, and therefore would likely lead to increase in effectiveness and sustainability for the company.

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