Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elements of Racism

Racism exist due to:

- Each race has their own style of solving problems,
- Habit or Politics that do not reward the sources or the creators of solutions
- Habit or Politics that don't prioritize providers of mutual solutions over another human being of economical benefits.

To end racism:

- Have a culture that rewards to creators of mutual solutions
- Have a culture that prioritize sources of mutual solutions
- Share your culture's solutions
- Learn other race's solutions
- Mix them together to make the most relevant solutions
- Prioritize those who create the solutions first then those who participate in the solutions, then others or the rest, for the sake of charity or investments for the future.
- Don't disrespect elements of solutions that are not used, they might have their turn of relevance in the future.

And so:
- Have fun making fun of other race's features, we all have eyes, nose, ears, etc... why deny what we sense?

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