Monday, September 26, 2011

My Priority Balance Theory

Occassional energy forms, those that's only available for once in a while... like potential energies from storms, massive waves, vulcanic erruptions, oils, are to be used to make a more permanent changes.

Renewable energies, or sustainable forms, are to be used for maintenance.

So I think if you use oil for driving, its not sustainable, since generally driving is always necessary while oil is not always available. Oil is to be used for a project, maybe as a fuel for transporting soils for land reclamation.

How stupid people could be evil

Nothing's free, thats the good rule. Global warming is due to consuming nature without maintaining back.

Becareful when doing charity, we don't want to spread a message to our community, that those who don't do anything to help other people could get help.

Poor people they seems not deserving help, but helping them would spread the message to the community to keep help available for those who are in difficult times. Everyone could be in difficult times, so in helping poor people we are maintaining ourselves.

But if you give money to those who are not poor and not doing anything to contribute to the improvement of ability and desire to help people, the message you're going to spread is that help could be got without having to do any maintenance in return. That's evil.

More reasons why charity is better than bribes v.02

If you do charity, the money will go to providers of essentialities... food housing clothings... and will likely contribute to the improvements of availabilities of those things.

If you do bribes, the possibility for it to contributes not for your accesses to solutions are higher. People who accept bribes could have needs for non essential solutions / delusional needs. They would spend it for something that's not contributive to everybody's ability and desire to help other people... something inappropriate to be prioritized, expensive clothes when people they're trying to impress couldn't appreciate the art properly, expensive cars when nobody in their community really cares about machines, gold when its going down, gambling when theres nothing to laugh about anymore, drugs when they're not sick, massage machines when already had 3 different ones and were not a collector.,,

Humans are sources of solutions, humans are sources of laws for humans in reality, human lives should be prioritized, human lives don't wait.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laziness V.02

Our intuition of time is that total interactions are always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new.

Our reluctance or inexitement of doing a routine came from this intuition of time. We consider doing what we do won't contribute as effective or as much as before. Subconsciously in my opinion, we want to do the same level of effectiveness as before or more, we don't want to do less.

This is similar to the idea of entropy.

So the way to tackle laziness, if we have to do what we have to do is to experience something else, something inspiring. That experience would then hopefully could contribute to the creation of new nexus, new perception of our routine, on how to do the routine now in respective of the new experience.

The new nexus hopefully would be able to reveal what illusions were surpressing our excitements before. Usually these kinds of illusions are about how you are incapable of making any difference.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My own way of doing the law

We live in the world of laws, mutual relationship or lovely relationship is what matters because they facilitates interactions after interactions forever.
Those that are not are going to be ruled out or not used.

Life is all about supporting love, transporting laws, applying laws, the way can't be done without life. Therefore we always want to pass on our laws, our personality, our ways, for the world.

Doing the law seems to defy this nature, as we work to pass others' laws not ours... but this is not true, instead our own laws would not be possible without we observed learned and adopting laws before us.

But why is it that there were sense of satisfaction when breaking the law? That's because we feel like we've been applying our own original ways to the world. But the problem is, this is unsupportive of love so the feeling was false, and based lies we've believed before.

So how do we satisfy our nature? By finding our own way of supporting love. Making our own administration, our own solutions to help us and other people to become part of the solutions. Yes, the law is quite hard to obey due to its hefty, bulky texts, but thats our opportunity to get in. By making solutions to facilitate the law's ease of use, reliability, and lovely manifestation... I hope we'd be a part of love, we'd be appropriately satisfied.