Saturday, October 22, 2011

My generalization on how to keep life progressing and exciting v.05

Entropy doesn't always increase, it varies randomly as the form of the reality keeps on changing.
(Time exist due to irreversibility, our intuition of time is about total interactions always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new).

Instead, entropy always happens.

The only way to stop entropy is for everybody to participate in creating and practicing a universal system that could 100% accurately predicted, what where how and when entropies will happen, how to null it, and do so everytime.

Therefore for now, in order to keep on being alive, excited, and progressing the attitude could be:

1. Identify relevant Level of entropy
2. Create a system to bring it down
3. The system itself will experience entropy, so after sometime Identify relevant level of entropy again
4. Create new system to tackle it
5. Identify again
6. Create again

And so on...

The solutions to entropies, also should be random. It doesn't have to be more and more complex to be able to tackle problems all the time. Sometimes the simplest things could work better.
Now I think that one day this world will end. But just like characters in a simulation, God will activate new simulations and then make new individuals with our memories and our inclinations, through Jesus.
So since God missed Jesus He made real a new world independent from this. In this new property, new body, Jesus prepared for us spaces. He will remember us, and he will keep on interacting with us because without his disciplies He is not complete (its His choice to be like that). And therefore His disciples will stay alive (us).

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