Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm asking, the element of vacuum?

Energy grips vacuum and push it away?
Electromagnetism could brought about vacuums?
Maybe... hmmm I want to know more about this. 


  1. Vacuum itself may exist in various forms

  2. Darkness has no power over light,
    So light will occupy darkness, and so leaving darkness on its trail and then filled by other lights.
    After google searching about conductivity, I think some forms of matters could communicate well, energies contained in them are really "conducted" to prioritize which vacuum to be shunned first.
    Maybe energy is the inclination to shun vacuums. The inclination to shun the absence of itself.

  3. In the name of Jesus, I will be able to create energy (add light), or I will participate to create energy (add light)

  4. When vacuum occured, something broadcasted or deliver communication to energy. Energy with the most compatible structure will be prioritized.
    In some cases, there are surrounding energy above and around the vacuum so all of the signals will be received first by these materials. However if these materials had already a strong structure, it will prioritize the vacuum inside it's own structure more than the vacuum outside.

    What is structure:
    Imagine the yin and yang symbol. The energy bit always move towards the vacuum bit. But if the bits of energy was smaller than the vacuum around it, it will prioritize only towards certain directions, and ignore the signals from other directions.

  5. My take on nuclear fission:
    Atoms are atoms because the energy inside has territory of vacuum which other energies somehow won't go to. Because it's not their "property".
    But somehow this structure is broken, energies don't have clear distinction of directions, which and which is their territories. And everything just bustling around until, they could found "structure".
    To reduce halflife of nuclear decay, we need to introduce "structure" and/or "direction for all those energy.

  6. 4d spin, inside, to the outside, to the inside...

    3d left to right, right to left spiral would have an orientation, southwards or northwards?
    If the spiral (maybe of electrons) was southwards, then it would be concentrated in the south, it would reach critical mass then explode... however the vacuum in the north would attract the energy back into the spiral.
    And vice versa if it was towards the north.

    The earth seem to have it spiraling southwards.