Friday, February 24, 2012

The essence of interactions v.04

Interaction is an emerging of laws. Interaction is a law creation.

More thinkings:
Law exist together with Spirits
Spirits are inclinations

Firstly the inclination to incline, and then the law was born.
The law was "To keep on inclining".
Law = Administration = Matter.
This is the first interaction

Then new inclination and new matter came about:
Love: The inclination to keep interactions happening
After that various forms of Matter/Administrations emerged, all in the context of The Inclination to incline, The Law, The Love.

Existence is the answer to the question; "What interactions are next?"
Without Love, this question would never be asked
Love is one of the drives that could initiate this question.
Without God, this question would never be started.

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